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  • Carbine Grip System


    Carbine Grip Fits all types of carbine/ pistol grip style rifles and includes two moldable SPRR grips either augment the size for control hand-grip or use for custom foregrip. or save for other Ratgrip custom gunfitting. Weighs under 4.5oz.

  • Flex Backpack


    The Flex Backpack is the ultimate pack for your firearms and accessories! It comes loaded with built in pockets and opens to reveal a fully customizable Kaizen Foam interior to hold guns, magazines, ammo, or anything else perfectly.

  • Flex Range Bag


    Tired of gun bags that don't fit your guns? Wrong size pockets? Too small... too big? The FLEX Range Bag solves all these problems with this new innovative design. Order the Flex Pockets you need.

  • Flex Range Bag Pockets

    from $4.00

    Add pockets to your FLEX Range Bag. Sold individually. Available in 1", 2" 3" and 4" widths.

  • Precision Carbine Grip System


    Fits all type carbine style rifles with extra material to build a wrap pommel or palm swell modification that greatly increases lateral stability, stops shake by greatly increasing surface control, quickens sight acquisition, kills Parallax. Consistent positioning of a custom long rifle with the quick targeting of the Carbine. weight. under 5oz.

  • RAT Pads


    Material for most cheekweld builds and recoil pads, they can be used to augment any other gungrip applications where additional material is needed. Use in place of other Ratgrip products and build from scratch. Cheekwelds, cheek pieces, custom gun grips, recoil pads, custom palm swell, all ergonomic gunfitting and precision shooting needs. weight 1.75 oz per pad.

  • Sniper Grip System


    Ratgrips, for the 100% customization of your platform, the Sniper Grip will conform to whatever stock you are using. The Sniper Grip will allow a shooter to shift your wrist angle while allowing for precise, consistent hand eye position, Ratgrips create the greatest leap forward to killing Parrallax on the market today. Build your custom cheekweld to a perfect fit. Weighs under 9 oz with full checkweld.

  • SPRR Grip Kit


    Designed for fingerweld customization, increase the surface control area by molding to each finger and/or customize the backstrap fit to customize grip. You will be surprised by the advancement made even with the smallest of our system. Comfort and surface control area is where stability is at. SPRR kit provides enough for two firearms. Weighs under .4 oz per grip.